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Whether you’ve been curious about implementing some new self-care, or you’re already practicing it, “Loving Who You Are” is a great companion to have by your side. From ancient self-care wisdom to modern day reminders, Loving Who You Are shares self-care techniques on how you can ground and nurture yourself to reduce anxiety – in less than 50 pages.

If you’re looking for more self-care wisdom, visit the spirit of self-care blog. And be sure to check out the shop+sessions page for some extra nurturing with a MiniMood Painting or ROSEHEART Nurturing Oil, to encourage your heart and soul!

~ Dena

This book is a lovely reminder of what I need to do to be my best self every day. Easy to read and beautifully written. Perfect on my nightstand for a quick read before bedtime. Great gifts for my friends and family.

Kim Parker

President & CEO

“Highly recommended and just what I was looking for. This is a simple, well written and down-to-earth self care guide. In fact, I found it so helpful that I bought additional copies to share with family and friends.” -Amazon Customer

This book has amazing advice for nurses and healing professionals. This book will teach you how to care for yourself, which is the foundation for caring for others, which so many of us enjoy doing!

Alexandra Miles

RN, Author, Reiki Practitioner

“Dena I read your book, “Loving Who You Are” and loved it. I loved how you have explained what self love is, using simple words and making the concept look uncomplicated. There is a graceful flow throughout the pages… I got another one to gift it to my friend!” -Ema


Loving Who You Are, A Self-Care Guide to Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind, gives simple ways on how you can nurture yourself, plus release anxiety, and feel peace of mind.




On the surface, it’s a book on self-care. It shows ways how to slow down and tune-in with yourself. But really, it’s about learning how to love and value yourself so you can nourish your spirit, and connect with your soul. $8.95 + shipping.








A beautiful hand-prepared organic rose oil made with the intent to help bring more self-love and inner calm into your heart and your life. ROSEHEART can help you:

  • Connect with your emotional (spiritual) heart
  • Open your heart to receive and experience love
  • Embody self-love, feel nurtured and self-secure
  • Release grief and fears, lift your spirits

Each bottle is hand-compounded, made to order, and comes with a heart-opening rose meditation. $48 (includes shipping.) Apply RoseHeart as a ‘meditation’ to open yourself up to receive more self-love and love.




In addition to my yoga-healing classes and sessions, I’m also available for self-care conversational coaching. Have you been wanting to know more about self-care? Are you needing a few resources or looking to establish a self-care plan? Maybe you’re curious about what kind of self-care you would benefit from right now in your life. I’m a mentor with years of experience who can help guide you to gain insight and a clearer understanding for your next step. I can help, let’s connect! Sessions are in-person or by phone. $75/hr email to schedule a brief chat solehealing@denacarter.com



Finally! The original Dloveleigh style mini paintings are available once again. Be inspired, pick your color, your theme, or ‘your feeling’ through an array of choices. Have a little piece of art to call your own. One that fills you with inspiration.. reflects your essence and style. Dloveleigh mini paintings are all about fantasy, dreams, beauty, and soul. Warm up your small wall, jazz up a little doorway, or nurture your sacred space with one of these colorful one-of-a-kind paintings. Email to see your choices or commission a custom mini! More photos to come soon. solehealing@denacarter.com





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