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Whether you’re new to self-care or you’re already practicing it, “Loving Who You Are” is a great companion to have by your side.

From ancient self-care wisdom to modern day reminders, Loving Who You Are shares techniques on how you can reduce anxiety and overwhelm, so you can ground and nurture yourself – in less than 50 pages.

And if you’re wanting to know more about self-care and self-love, visit the Spirit of Self-Care Blog. Or check out the Shop+Sessions page for a bottle of ROSEHEART Nurturing Oil when you need some extra support.

I’m currently taking a few new clients for private self-care coaching, by phone or Zoom chat. Scroll below to schedule a free phone call. Let’s discover what it is you’re looking for, and see if it’s a good fit for us to work together!

With love~ Dena

This book is a lovely reminder of what I need to do to be my best self every day. Easy to read and beautifully written. Perfect on my nightstand for a quick read before bedtime. Great gifts for my friends and family.

Kim Parker

President & CEO

“Highly recommended and just what I was looking for. This is a simple, well written and down-to-earth self care guide. In fact, I found it so helpful that I bought additional copies to share with family and friends.” -Amazon Customer

“Thank you for the wonderful healing experiences. You have such beautiful energy and intuition. I look forward to nurturing myself using your hand crafted ROSEHEART preparation. It will feel like a visit with you.” -Judy Henry

I’m looking forward to benefiting from the wisdom of your book. I believe I’ve shifted to a place where I am now ready to take it to heart and really apply it in my life.

Judy Henry

Peace Journeyer

“Dena I read your book, “Loving Who You Are” and loved it. I loved how you have explained what self love is, using simple words and making the concept look uncomplicated. There is a graceful flow throughout the pages… I got another one to gift it to my friend!” -Ema

“In a world where everything is more important than you. This short book is about learning to care about and love yourself. Easy step by step guide to a loving you. No one can really love you till you love yourself.”  ~Sal Cresci


LOVING WHO YOU ARE helps you to release anxiety and love yourself in less than 50 pages! Learn to tune-in and value who you are. Nourish your spirit and connect with your soul with this self-care classic. $8.95 Amazon




MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY  9:00-10:00 a.m. $10 Drop-In/The Talent Community Center, 104 E. Main St.,

Self-Care Yoga is yoga with a focus on self-care & nurture. Through meditative movement & music, strengthen & tone your body. Relax, release anxiety, uplift your spirits, & feel more empowered.

Do-able for most anyone. No Yoga Experience needed. All levels. *Seated for a portion of class. Bring a Yoga Mat & Blanket (for cushion)

UPDATED SCHEDULE – Fall+Winter 2018 – M-W-F  9 -10:00 a.m. Questions: solehealing@denacarter.com

Relax+Restore+Rejuvenate. Nurture Your Body, Spirit, & Mind. See You There!



ROSEHEART Nurturing Oil


I started RoseHeart in 2010 when I discovered how much it helped me release my insecurities, and open to more self-love. This oil taught me to receive! It can help you too.

RoseHeart is a beautiful hand-prepared oil made with the finest, most pure 100% Rose Otto Essential Oil.

ROSEHEART Oil Assists You To:

  • Connect with your beauty
  • Open your heart
  • Feel self-love and self-secure
  • Let go of fear, lift your spirits

Each bottle is made with the intent to bring more self-love and trust into your life. Comes with a beautiful heart-opening rose meditation. Made with the finest, most pure rose essential oil on the market! ROSEHEART helped me release fears and open my heart. I know it can help you too.



Invest In Loving Who You Are!Are you overwhelmed by the whole self-care and self-love thing? How to make time for it or where to begin? Maybe you’re feeling anxious and fearful, but you’re ready to learn ways to let go of it, so you can finally begin to embody more self-love and self-security.

If you’re ready to release your doubts and fears, so you can connect with your inner wealth and establish more love and confidence in your life, then private coaching may be for you. I’m a mentor with 25 years experience who can guide and inspire you on your next steps. I’ll be supporting you and keeping you on track, so you can really experience this self-care and self-love thing!

Let’s connect. Sessions are in person or by phone/zoom. Packages start as small as 3 sessions.Schedule a free 30 minute call. Let’s explore more about what you’re looking for and if you and I are a fit. I look forward to meeting you!








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