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In this video, listen to Marla Mervis-Hartmann and Dena Carter discuss some of the big self-care questions we all want answers to!

Come Home to Your Heart and Spirit

We often hear people say,“love yourself.” But what does that really mean or feel like? If you’re interested in knowing more, then you’re in the right place.

My name is Dena and I love inspiring people to experience self-care and self-love so they can connect with themselves in a more deep and authentic way. Through simple techniques, self-care can open your heart and your life. Yes!

Are you wondering how to find the time and motivation for self-care? Are you feeling insecure, fearful and want to learn how to release that? Do you desire to feel emotionally independent and empowered? Perhaps you’re looking for some ‘real’ ways to implement self-care so you can embody more self-love…

When I first started weaving self-care into my life, I noticed there were many ways to go about it. There were lots of aspects to it. But when I reached out for help, to others who knew the self-care path, it made things more simple, do-able. It also helped me release doubt so I could feel inspired, stay on track, and get results.

Many years ago after having an emotional breakdown, it was the act of implementing a handful of techniques that helped me change and save my life! As I became more independent and grounded as a result of self-care, I not only continued because it worked, but it also brought me to self-love. But you don’t have to have an intense experience to invite self-care into your life! If you’re ready to experience self-love, self-care is the way through. And you won’t have to piece it together, like I did.

If you’re ready for some real steps to embody self-love and release your fears, I can help you with private self-care coaching. You can even schedule a free coaching call so we can discover together what you might be looking for and to see if we’re a good fit.

So many times I thought I could just figure it all out, but the way through is not through thinking and figuring it all out in the head. The way through is by doing something different. By making another choice – I can help you do this. And if you’re unclear about coaching, check out my book, “Loving Who You Are.” I wrote it specifically to share with others why self-care is so vital and the basic methods.

In “Loving Who You Are,” I share the same methods I used (and still use) to establish a strong relationship with self-care to release my anxieties – to feel grounded, self-secure, and radiant. This book is not overwhelming. It’s under 50 pages and focuses directly on cultivating essentials: self-security, self-love, and compassion. Read more here about what people are saying.

You can also work with ROSEHEART for your self-care. It’s a self-love and nurturing meditation oil, on the shop+sessions page. This is a beautiful oil that assists with opening the heart to more self-love. If self-love, security, independence, and peace of mind are what you’ve been waiting for, don’t hesitate. Now is your time!

With love!  ~Dena

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Loving Who You Are is a breath of air, a gentle reminder of simple, effective tools to take care of your precious mind, body and spirit on a regular basis.

Alissa Lukara

Author and Writer


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind