My name is Dena and I show people how to embody their soul and unite their spirit for emotional and creative freedom. A clear connection with yourself internally, reduces the tendency to fear and doubt, so you can turn to your higher self for answers. Connecting with your soul is exciting and gives you self-security so you can experience self-sovereignty, love and deep satisfaction throughout your life.

Through my approach, the people who work with me receive a safe space to gain foundational and sustainable ways to:

  • Stop the “what-ifs”  and calmly trust intuition
  • Let go of fears and open the heart space for more love and peace
  • Uplug from go-go-go syndrome and without worry. To experience deep relaxation
  • Recharge, rejuvenate and then nurture loss of power/creativity/joy/purpose
  • Establish/refresh unique self-care methods to support sustainable healthy habits (food, movement, body-mind-spirit)
  • Release anxiety and obsessive thinking (jobs, relationships, creative projects) and tap into your innate wisdom
  • Remove creative blocks and experience higher creativity and ongoing inspiration – inside and out
  • Feel radiant and in love with who they are are (one client told me that I gave her wings!)

Feel grounded, empowered, healthy, and self-secure. Feel your heart open so you can play again. Getting transformational help is one of the most precious gifts you can give to yourself. Invest in your VALUE. Honor who you are and allow me to  assist you. If you are reading this, and feel like you just don’t have any more time or energy left in your life… then this is perfect for you!

If this resonates with you and you are serious about the next step of Soul + Spirit Transformation, schedule a call with me here.

So many times I thought I could release my worries by running things over and over in my mind… trying to “figure it all out.” But it just kept me in the same groove. With over 15 years in the body-mind-spirit arena and my own experience to back it up, allow me to guide you so you can start to remove obstacles of fear and hone and uplift your soul + spirit connection.

I would love to help guide you in your next steps. Now is your time.

Love, Dena

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Loving Who You Are is a breath of air, a gentle reminder of simple, effective tools to take care of your precious mind, body and spirit on a regular basis.

Alissa Lukara

Author and Writer


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind