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Hi, my name is Dena and I’m the author of Loving Who You Are!

Perhaps you love your life and feel grateful for it, yet underneath it all, you’ve been craving the right support to understand more of who you are, on a deeper level. To express yourself even more. Maybe you are in the midst of change or transition and the subtle parts of what you’re going through are difficult to explain. You need insight. Or you love the body-mind-spirit stuff and want to take it to the next level but need proven ways to take it to the next level.

Deep down, you want to feel self-secure, confident and loved.

My expertise is not only in sharing insight and resources around matters of heart and soul, it’s also in showing you how to connect to your self-care wisdom and sensibilities; To guide you with specific tools you’ll need to drop your anxieties and navigate nuanced situations, so you can hear your own answers.

I’ll weave in techniques that I’ve learned in my 15+ years of self-care, self-love, and body/spirit/mind research experience and research that I feel might help you. The wonderful methods for letting go of fear and doubt so you can build self-security and empowerment from the inside out.

Experience powerful and soulful insight about yourself, your relationships, your work, and your life when we work together.

As a healing source of support, my approach is unique. I lead with soul conversation and share the main pillars to help activate your soul medicine and self-care “sanctuary” in a grounded, fun and mystic way. You get to feel heard and understood.

You will also get to understand your innate value, feel it, and ignite it! This is very important.

And you will finally be able to embody self-love.

We’ll work together in live sessions via Zoom. There are 3 ways in which we can work together:  

  • Session by session
  • 4-week course 
  • 8-week course

Contact me here and schedule a 30 minute free session – let’s chat and find out if we’d like to work together!

Here are some things that might help you that others have gained in working with me:
-better sleep
-more connection with your heart
-more freedom inside your body
-a overall sense of freedom and liberation
-being able to slow down and calm the mind anytime.
-feeling radiant inside and out
-transforming fear into love – your own and in your relationships
-finding more time for what you say you want

The greatest wealth truly comes from within.

The energy of self-security and self-love is expansive. It allows you to live your life feeling more calm. Just knowing. In this space, you can live and express your life in trust rather than doubt.

When you are privy to specific healing tools and unique support, you can establish new habits that stick. More importantly, with tools, you will know how to release your fears and transform them into love.  Over time this is what strengthens inner security in your life.

From this, an open heart for love will grow.

Through a unique approach – soul conversation, parasympathetic practices, heart wisdom, and awareness techniques –  I’ll even help you learn to carve out more time for simple, consistent self-care. You will learn the four pillars to build your inner wealth.

Having monetary wealth is one thing, but if you don’t feel connected with your true power inside, life is not as fun!

When we work together you receive a safe, confidential space to :

  • Stop the “what-ifs”
  • Let go of fear and open your heart to more love
  • Slow down and unplug from ‘go-go-go’ without losing stride or productivity
  • Re-claim power/creativity/purpose
  • Re-craft your self-care essentials
  • Stop anxiety and obsessive thinking and calm the mind anytime
  • Feel radiant inside and out and be able to self-nurture/nourish

Before I discovered how to let-go of fear, I always wondered if true change was possible. Could I feel grounded and self-secure? Be healthy and happy? Could I actually feel more love? The answer is yes. True change is possible!

Click here to schedule a free 30 minute call with me.

In times of change and my search to let go of fears, I thought I could release worries by running things over and over in my mind. By trying to “figure it out.” But things kept on feeling the same. Sometimes even worse. Getting help from a coach or mentor has always been the key! We are not meant to do it alone.

Let’s work together so you can start removing your obstacles and feel love and your soul connection. To feel and live more of your true self.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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Loving Who You Are is a breath of air, a gentle reminder of simple, effective tools to take care of your precious mind, body and spirit on a regular basis.

Alissa Lukara

Author and Writer


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind