Release fear and anxiety and feel inner security, radiance, and an open heart for love. I can help you to embody your heart and soul, and unite your unique spirit through a different approach. Through soul conversation, parasympathetic practices, wisdom of the heart, awareness techniques, and subconscious re-patterning, you’ll be able to turn to (and trust) your higher self for answers so you can experience self-sovereignty, love, and deep satisfaction now, and throughout your life.

Through my approach, the people who work with me receive a safe space to gain foundational and sustainable ways to:

  • Stop the “what-ifs”  and tap into your wisdom so can trust your intuition
  • Let go of fears, feel calm, and open your heart more to love
  • Relax and unplug from the go-go-go without losing productivity or inspiration
  • Nurture and recharge your loss of power/creativity/joy/purpose
  • Establish and/or refresh unique self-care to support sustainable healthy habits
  • Release anxiety and obsessive thoughts around things such as love, relationships, your body, creative projects/work, etc.
  • Remove creative blocks – experience higher creativity and ongoing inspiration – inside and out
  • Feel radiant and in love with who you are and with your life and your relationships

Feel grounded, empowered, healthy, and self-secure. Imagine feeling your heart open and playing again. Invest in your inner wealth! I am a transformation guide and coach. Working with me, you receive a different approach. And if you feel like you just don’t have any time or energy left in your life- then this is perfect for you:)

Let’s see if we’re a fit- schedule a complimentary call with me!

Many times, in my own process, I thought I could release worries by running things over and over in my mind, by trying to “figure it out.” But it kept on being the same. I have over 15 years experience with body-mind-spirit, plus my own experiences in walking the walk. Allow me to guide you so you can start removing the obstacles of fear and feel your soul + spirit connection – fully embodied!

Xx Dena

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Loving Who You Are is a breath of air, a gentle reminder of simple, effective tools to take care of your precious mind, body and spirit on a regular basis.

Alissa Lukara

Author and Writer


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind