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Hello! I hope this finds you well.

Please believe me when I say, that now more than ever is a GOLDEN opportunity to connect within. You are the most important investment you’ll ever make.

It is totally possible to establish body-mind-spirit-soul stability and resiliency in the times we are in.

And just as important, is your self-care and self-love wisdom.

Before I knew what self-love was really all about, I used to think of it as too delicate, soft, or vulnerable. Some even see it as weak. But the truth is, investing in self-love is a sign of great strength and courage.  And the pay off is expansion – body/spirit/mind and beyond!

My name is Dena Carter and I’m the author of the book “Loving Who You Are”.  I also offer “Loving Who You Are/The Experience” sessions. (See below)

During these times, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or need insight and inspiration, I invite you to reach out!

You may already feel love and gratitude, but need key pieces and the spiritual support to understand the nuances of what you’re currently navigating. A sounding board for a different perspective, perhaps a deeper level. Or maybe you crave new ways to bridge who you are now with whom you are becoming.

When you’re in the midst of change (big or small), it is often the subtle and nuanced heart and soul parts of yourself that emerge that need support.

If you are in a place where you know you need to let go of excess fear and open to more love to feel more pleasure, to heal yourself, or to take things to the next level, I can help you. Opening the heart to more self-love is my expertise!

When it comes to anger, sadness, disappointment and even heartbreak, opening the emotional and spiritual heart can help you transform dullness, pain, and a ruminating mind. What if you could have the support to actually transform this? Well this is where the “Loving Who You Are Experience” comes in. I am so excited to help assist you with this specific aspect of your journey – it will help change your life. Your confidence and your relationships will flow.

Being self-sovereign and truly self-secure from within – real freedom and liberation – requires connecting with yourself and your heart.

My expertise is not only in sharing insight around matters of the heart, it’s also in showing you how to embody your self-love wisdom and sensibilities. I’ll help you with the specifics on letting go of anxiety and overwhelm and connecting within in a new way.

When we work together, you’ll learn subtle and powerful ways to help transform your fear into love, compassion, empowerment.

You’ll experience soulful insights about yourself, your relationships, and your work in the world. You’ll feel nurtured and inspired to start giving attention to the things you’ve always wanted to but just couldn’t find the time or a way to.

I am a healing source of support and my approach is unique. We’ll dive into conversation and eventually, through some amazing methods, activate your heart and self-love.  You will begin to feel open/expansive in a new, grounded and fun way – in your way – within a safe space.

We’ll also cover how you can understand your innate value, feel it, and ignite it! (So important.)

And you’ll discover the key steps to embody self-love. SELF-LOVE. Without it, life is just not the same!

This is the essence of what you will receive when we work together.

However you choose to work with me, we’ll work LIVE, one-on-one,  session by session or as a package, via video call. I offer two/three ways we can work together:

  • LOVING WHO YOU ARE, The Experience ~ Opening Your Heart
  • SOUL DIVINE SESSIONS, Spiritual Support/Questions
  • OR Combine these both

Contact me here and schedule a time to chat with me, 30 mins free!

The greatest wealth and confidence comes from within.

When you receive SPECIFIC healing tools, that are proven to work, you’ll be able to establish new rituals that will stay.  With this, you will know how to release your fears and transform them into love.  And over time this is what strengthens security in your life.

From this, an open heart for love can grow.

Through a unique approach – soul conversation, parasympathetic practices, heart wisdom, awareness/consciousness techniques, carving out “sanctuary” time for self-care sensibilities, and the healing pillars, you will learn to build more inner wealth.

Having monetary wealth is one thing, but if you don’t feel connected with your true power inside, life is not as fulfilling or beautiful!

When we work together you receive a safe, confidential space to :

  • Stop the “what-ifs” and let go of fear
  • OPEN your heart to more love and feel confident
  • Discover your unique ‘soul medicine’
  • Connect with your intuition and clarity consistently
  • Slow down and unplug from ‘go-go-go’ without losing productivity
  • Re-claim your innate power, creativity and purpose
  • Stop anxiety and obsessive thinking – calm your mind anytime
  • Embody self-love and feel radiant and secure from the inside out

I remember in my own search… I always wondered if true change was possible... Could I feel grounded and self-secure? Be healthy and happy? Could I actually feel more love in my heart and in my life, and let go of my fears? The answer is YES. True change is possible!

Click here to schedule a free call with me.

I thought I would release worries by running things over and over in my mind. By trying to “figure it out.” But things kept on feeling the same. Sometimes even worse. Getting help from a coach or mentor has always been key. We are not meant to do it alone!

Let’s work together so you can start releasing your anxieties and overwhelm and actually start removing the obstacles so you can feel alive, beautiful, creative and soul connected.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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“This book will teach you how to care for yourself, which is the foundation for caring for others, which so many of us enjoy doing!”.

Alexandra Mika

RN, Author


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind