THERE IS A WIDE RANGE of self-love and soul wisdom information out there in the world today. 

Allow me to help you navigate.

My name is Dena Carter and I’m the author of “Loving Who You Are”. I’ve been teaching and guiding others about the power of connecting-within for almost 20 years. My specialty is giving guidance and insight and helping you seed your self-love wisdom and soul connection so you can blossom!

When you’re in the midst of change, stress or transition, the subtle and nuanced heart and soul parts of you may need some support.

If you’re in a place where you need more clarity with something specific, or want to feel less anxiety and overwhelm, I offer a “medicine bag” full of tools to share with you– the kind that will inspire you to find your own answers.

I share modern and ancient methods that will empower you, and give you specific, real ways to help you navigate and shift your situation. I also have LOTS of resources and referrals if you need them.

We often think we can release a worry or situation by running things over and over in the mind. By trying to “figure it out.” But this just doesn’t work. Sometimes it can get worse because a lot of energy,  joy, and self-trust is lost in the process. You aren’t meant to do it alone!

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Dena Leigh Carter, Author, “Loving Who You Are”

Heart & Soul Sovereignty for Empowerment & Love

Healing Guide

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Dena began studying and practicing mind-body-spirit wellness in 2003 after she discovered how it healed her chronic depression and anxiety. She devoted herself fully to self-care and over time, learned the secrets of it, and how it led her to self-love. She also began letting go of her “what-if” addiction and “what will others think” syndrome and began the steps to claim her wild, sovereign, soulful spirit. She has never looked back. Now she helps others to do the same. As a painter, certified yoga teacher, soul-conversationalist, and former stand-up comedian/writer, she relies on her unique healing abilities, innate soul connection, and heart-centered approach to guide others through their own questions, quests and transformations in a meaningful and fun way. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her partner David and cat Mr.P ~ the two loves of her life.  solehealing@denacarter.com


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind