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Self-care is not selfish. It is revolutionary. In fact, more than ever, it is a vital piece of the pie for sustainable health and well-being. Putting self-care first in your life will change your life. When you nurture yourself, you will be able to nurture others from a grounded and full place.

Often self-care seems trite or boring. Just another over-used term we hear about all the time. But real self-care, understanding what it means, and why/how you would benefit from a simple practice, is truly one of the most beautiful gifts you will ever give yourself. 

When I first discovered self-care, over 15 years ago, I saw how, over time, it shifted everything. I sensed the difference it was making- how self-care healed, strengthened, and balanced my life. Even the anxiety and overwhelm I experienced for many years started to lift.

One of the sweetest outcomes of my self-care practice was that I learned how to love myself. I saw that when I put self-care first, everything else fell into place. Including self-love.


This Is Why I Still Practice Self-Care Today & Help Others Connect With It Too.

It’s Also Why I Wrote The Book, Loving Who You Are.


My name is Dena Carter and I wrote Loving Who You Are to inspire you to connect with who you are. My book and one-on-one consultations all come from the belief that self-love, empowerment, and well-being are some of the most valuable things in life.

Whether you want to maintain and replenish your current health, or start from scratch, there is no better time to care for yourself than now. And surprisingly, it’s just a few key changes that can help shift your awareness to give you the results you need.

When we work together, you’ll find out about the ancient and modern self-care secrets that will last your lifetime. You’ll learn how to cultivate self-compassion, quiet your mind, value your body, release anxiety, and connect with your heart and spirit. You’ll receive my resources and guidance to navigate the many nuances that accompany self-care – custom to who you are.

I will say it again.. self-care is not selfish. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Believe me.. the more you care for and nurture yourself, the more you will be able to do for others. Plus, your inner and outer beauty will shine!

Making time for self-care is worth it. And so are you.

Let’s discover your inner wealth through self-care! Click here and schedule a free call. Together, we’ll find out what you’re looking for and if we might be a fit. I look forward to hearing from you- Make the next step in the direction of self-care and self-love ~ the first call is free.



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Dena Leigh Carter, Author of Loving Who You Are

Heart & Soul Healer, Author, Artist, Yogi.  Dena began studying and practicing mind-body-spirit health in 2003, when she discovered how it healed her chronic depression and anxiety. She nurtures others to health, empowerment, and clear connection with self-love, through her inspirational one-on-ones, books, workshops, and art. She lives with her beloved partner and tiger in Southern Oregon. She can be reached at eightleghorse@yahoo.com

This book has amazing advice for nurses and healing professionals. This book will teach you how to care for yourself, which is the foundation for caring for others, which so many of us enjoy doing!

~Alexandra Miles, RN, Author


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind