NOW more than ever is a golden opportunity to connect within. After all, YOU are the most important investment you’ll ever make!

Self-care is not selfish.  Self-care and self-love, when truly understood, are vital for health, happiness and peace of mind.

It is totally possible to establish body-mind-spirit-soul stability and resiliency. And it begins when you learn how to get to specific essentials on how to nurture yourself.

There are a wide range of self-care and self-love wisdom practices out there in the world today. 

Allow me to help you navigate!

My name is Dena Carter and I’m the author of “Loving Who You Are”. I’ve also been teaching and guiding others about the power of ‘connecting within’ for over 15 years. My specialty is self-love and soul.

Before I knew what self-love was really about, I viewed it as something vulnerable, weak. But the truth is, self-love requires great strength and courage. It also requires a little help getting there! And so worth it because the results are infinite grace, beauty and inner security.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stuck, I want you to know that I offer unique ways to help you feel calm and connected.

Fear is a show stopper. Love is healing. Yet fear can get in the way and derail you. Even when you’ve been on a good stretch of “feeling the love.” I know, I’ve been there many times! That’s why I’m so passionate about encouraging heart and soul rituals.

When you’re in the midst of change, whether small or large, it’s often the subtle and nuanced heart and soul parts of you that need some nurture and support. And tools. Ways to actually begin to embody love. Did you know that learning to feel more love will help you let-go of fear and bring more peace in your life?

If you are in a place where you need to let go of excess fear and open to more love so you can feel more self-secure, really wanting to go to the next level in your journey, I offer some things that I know will inspire you.

Opening the heart to self-love through a variety of creative and healing tools is my expertise.

When it comes to anger, sadness, disappointment and even heartbreak, by nature, we tend to close down the heart. Opening the heart space will help you feel more balanced and at peace. It also helps to open you to more expansion in your life.

Being soul-sovereign (aka freedom and liberation) requires knowing how to connect with your self-love wisdom and sensibilities.

I help “seed” the specifics for you self-love garden to take root and grow. Giving you fun and nurturing ways to let-go of anxiety so you can start connecting within and really listening to your own intuition.

Start establishing new rituals that will stay with you. Rituals that will actually help you shift to the next level.

I remember in my own search for healing, peace and love… and I always wondered if true change was possible. Could I feel grounded and self-secure? Could I actually feel more love in my heart and in my life, and let go of my fears? The answer is YES. True change is possible.

I often thought that I could release worries by running things over and over in my mind. By trying to “figure it out.” This just doesn’t work! Sometimes it can get worse because you can lose a lot of our energy and joy in the process. And self-trust. We are not meant to do it alone!

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With love, Dena

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Dena Leigh Carter, Author of Loving Who You Are

Heart & Soul Sovereignty Healing Guide, Artist, & Consultant.

Dena began studying and practicing mind-body-spirit wellness in 2003 when she discovered how it healed her chronic depression and anxiety. She let go of her “what-if” addiction and started claiming her wild, secure, soulful spirit. She has never looked back! Now she helps others to do the same. As a certified yoga teacher, soul-conversationalist, and former stand-up comedian, she relies on her unique healing abilities and heart-centered approach to guide others through their own transformations in a meaningful and fun way. She lives in beautiful Southern Oregon with her partner and cat ~ the two loves of her life.


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind