Hi, my name is Dena Carter. I’m an artist/designer, a healing mentor, and the author of “Loving Who You Are”.

AS A PAINTER/DESIGNER, I create custom “soul journey art” for you, your home, office, alter, or anything you may be dreaming of! Your request and your art will be original and unique to you, and hold beautiful transformational potential within it. You can request small, medium, large, or wall sized art.

When we work together, you’ll be placing a “cosmic order” for your own piece of personal art – plus a ‘tool’ to connect with your heart, your home, your life. For a commission request, we’ll meet 1:1 via Zoom so I can listen to you, what you’re dreaming of, and answer your questions. If you’re not exactly sure, no worries, then we’ll chat about that. I work with boutique shops and designers too, so please go through my scheduler as well.

Your custom soul journey art commission can be for pure joy, beautification, prosperity, love, or specific healing–the magic is that YOU get to choose an intent that you wish for your painting to bring. I can also co-create with you in creating just the right painting as a gift to someone else.

Soulful, uplifting art that transmits remembrance of the divine – as you see it – is vital. It is a visual gift for your senses in saying YES to yourself, your soul and your next steps in your life. Visual art is a timeless treasure and a fun way to get on the road to self-union, expression, healing and fulfillment!

AS A MENTOR, I inspire and teach women how to connect with their intuition and heart wisdom through modern and ancient self-care, self-love embodiment and soul-care methods that are practical, mystical, and fun.

I work with creatives, one to one, who feel stuck, blocked, or need fresh ideas and inspiration whether in beginning, middle or ending stages of a project. All heart-based sessions are inspiring, confidential, soulful and fun; a great accompaniment to any self care or creative help you are already receiving.

I also offer one-to-one Medicine Card Readings. If you’re ready for insight relating to work, love, relationships, or creativity this is a soulful and fun way to connect to your intuition to help receive the answers within you. You can read more about this on my SHOP page.

In the midst of life’s changes and stresses, it is VITAL for the heart and soul to connect to be able to weave in new awareness and understanding. Whether it be a visual piece of original, transformational art, or working 1:1 to bring transformation, the goal is to release blocks and and open to your heART and soul.

I would love to support you! Go to the SHOP page and schedule a first step inquiry (complimentary) call.

I look forward to meeting you! ~Dena

SCHEDULE a 1:1  for a first step complimentary call. Questions? Email  or DM me on IG @spiritofselfcare


Dena Leigh Carter, Artist, Healer, & Author “Loving Who You Are”

Dena began studying and practicing mind-body-spirit wellness in 2003, after she discovered how it healed her chronic depression and anxiety. She devoted herself fully to self-care and learned the deeper secrets of it, and how it led her to self-love. She learned that TRUE CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. Through her personal and professional experiences, Dena has learned how to move through fear while renewing her wild, soulful, sovereign spirit. She helps others to do the same. As an author, painter, certified yoga teacher, energy healer, soul-conversationalist, soul-medicine woman, and former stand-up comedian/writer, she relies on her 30-year yoga and meditation practice, professional art/design background, unique healing abilities, innate source connection, and heart-centered approach to guide others through their own quests and transformations in meaningful and joyful ways. She lives in Arizona with her partner and cat Mr.P ~ the two loves of her life.


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