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I remember a time when self-care and self-love were not a part of my life. For nearly 15 years, I experienced anxiety, depression, and panic. Low self-value, emotional pain, poor nutrition, and an unhealthy lifestyle had become a way of life for me.

After having an emotional breakdown in my 30’s, I knew I had to do something radically different. I had to change. I began to dig a little deeper. I reflected and took note of my life. Over time, I realized one major aspect was missing: self-care.

At first, I didn’t know how to go about it.

I thought self-care was boring. I didn’t have time for it. Creating time for self-care was something I did when I absolutely needed it, like when my energy was depleted, or when I went on vacation.

But after sticking to some basic, simple methods and getting results, I saw how significant self-care really was. Day by day, choice by choice, I could feel the difference it made – how self-care strengthened and beautified my life. With patience, the anxiety and overwhelm was ‘re-arranged’ and started to lift. Overtime, I noticed how my healing and happiness took up more space in my life than the anxiety and overwhelm. I saw that when I put self-care first, everything else fell into place.


That Is Why I Still Practice Self-Care and Help Others Connect With It Too.

It’s Also Why I Wrote The Book, “Loving Who You Are.”


You don’t need to have a breakdown or have anything drastic happen in your life to include some real self-care! Often it’s just a few key changes that can help shift your awareness to give you results. Self-care isn’t selfish. In fact, it’s the opposite! The more you nurture yourself, the more you can care for and nurture others.

My name is Dena and I wrote “Loving Who You Are, A Self-Care Guide to Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind” to inspire you to nurture who you are. My book, the self-care coaching conversations, and the healing creations I offer, come from the belief that self-trust, expression, and empowerment are some of the most desired things in life. I’m honored to offer my gifts to you to help inspire your own.

Now is your time.

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Dena Leigh Carter, Author of Loving Who You Are

Dena has been studying and practicing mind-body-spirit health since 2003 when she discovered how it helped heal her depression and anxiety. An author, artist, and yoga healer with over 25 years experience, she inspires others through her books, yoga classes, art, self-care conversational coaching, and education.

Photo: Author Dena Leigh Carter & Mr.P

Photo: Author Dena Leigh Carter & Mr.P

I’m looking forward to benefiting from the wisdom of your book. I believe I’ve shifted to a place where I am now ready to take it to heart and really apply it in my life.

Judy Henry

Peace Journeyer


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind