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Love & Free Yourself Through Self-Care.

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Read “Loving Who You Are” & Learn How To:

  • Nourish yourself so you can feel grounded and balanced.
  • Establish simple self-care and keep it alive in your everyday life.
  • Release anxiety, fears, depression, and overwhelm.
  • Implement healthier choices that feel in alignment with you.
  • Feel more self-love – how to cultivate and receive it.

I used to think self-care was boring and didn’t have time for it. Creating time for self-care was something I did when I absolutely needed it, like when I was overwhelmed, or my energy depleted. I also thought that if I stayed busy and did ‘enough’, then I was worth enough. I had fun, but often experienced anxiety and depression.

I spent years not caring for myself and my constitution. But when I discovered the magic of self-care, it helped me get to know who I really was so I could release the anxiety. I learned that self-worth doesn’t come from approval or how much you accomplish. And that, through simple self-care rituals, self-worth can be built over time.

Building self-worth, through caring for myself – body, spirit, and mind – left less and less room for doubt, anxiety, and depression. And gave me more room to connect with myself and my soul.


This Is Why I Practice Self-Care and Help Others Connect With It Too. It’s Also Why I Wrote The Book, Loving Who You Are.


But I remember a time when self-care and love were not a part of my life. For nearly 15 years, I experienced chronic anxiety, depression and panic. Low self esteem, emotional pain, poor nutrition, and unhealthy relationships had become a way of life for me.

After having an emotional breakdown in my 30’s, I knew I had to do something radically different. I had to change. I began to take note of my life, slow down, and simplify it. I studied all I could about the mind-body-spirit connection and realized self-care had to become part of the deal if I was ever going to experience true change.

Over time, as I learned specific methods, I saw that when I put my self-care first, everything else fell into place.

My name is Dena Leigh Carter and I wrote “Loving Who You Are, A Self-Care Guide to Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind” to inspire and remind you how vital self-care is. Anxiety, fear, and self-doubt don’t have to be the norms. Loving Who You Are was born from the belief that with courage and commitment, certain self-care methods can help you build love and trust in yourself and your life. If you don’t make the time to authentically care for yourself now, when will you?

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Dena Leigh Carter, Author of Loving Who You Are

In 2003, Dena began studying and practicing mind-body-spirit health which helped heal her depression and anxiety. As author, artist, and certified yoga teacher with over 25 years experience, she loves to inspire others through her books, yoga classes, art, and self-care education.

Author Dena Leigh Carter & Supervisor Mr.P

Author Dena Leigh Carter & Supervisor Mr.P

I’m looking forward to benefiting from the wisdom of your book. I believe I’ve shifted to a place where I am now ready to take it to heart and really apply it in my life.

Judy Henry

Peace Journeyer


A Self-Care Guide To Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind