Do I dare do a throwback from the days long ago when I was a comedian in Hollywood?

Sure! Lol!

Was it really 18 years ago?

Time flies when your living a life of self-expression.

And life changes. We change. Our needs.. passions.. our perspectives.. so many things. We learn and we grow.

I do alchemy a little different now.

With comedy, it used to be writing and developing my own jokes (and show), so people could laugh. I really liked doing stand-up because I got to take a dark situation and expose it to the light. It was pure alchemy. A kind of energy work for me. Back then, I didn’t even know what it meant to ‘shift energy.’

But comedy was intense and often “dark” work. I loved it and I was good at it, but I found that my anxiety and obsessive habits were being triggered. I was scared a lot. My fears at an all-time high. Looking back, it was a huge teacher for me at that time. Possibly the biggest one in my life because it broke me open. It lead me to another path. 💓

That of soul-connection and self-love. Empowerment from within. True change.

And it was hard to let-go. Really hard! I had so much fear around leaving comedy. My ego wanted to hang on so badly to an old story and dream. An old way of relating to others. And yet, my soul was calling elsewhere.

It was time to heal myself instead of everyone else. It was time to please and take care of myself first, instead of everyone else. It was a time for me to stop needing so much damn approval from outside of myself. Not just to connect within and truly know what is was like to feel calm and confident, but to acknowledge this long-lost person hiding inside.

It was time to make friends with my soul. To learn how to value who I really was, from the inside out. To turn my own dark into light. To tend to the alchemy of my soul.
And I’m still practicing alchemy. It’s in a different way now. And not just my own self-care, but assisting others. Through writing, private soul & self-care coaching sessions, and workshops.

Now, I make sure I feel more filled up and centered before sharing my overflow. It’s an entirely different deal.

I love inspiring people to connect within to release anxiety. Guiding them to the gateway of their value so they can feel inspiration to make the changes they have been dreaming of. And reminding them that true change is possible.

And of course, creating moments for laughter.

If there’s something new happening in your life, and you need some gateway guidance, send me an email, a social media DM, or head to my website (all below). And if you’re wanting to do less “go go go” and receive custom ways to release anxiety, I can help with that too. When change is on the horizon and fears come up, and something inside you wants to let-go and allow a new way to flow in, it is a good time to reach out for help!

With great love and spirit,

Dena   @spiritofselfcare

(Photo credit by Juan Lopez)