Hello and Happy Spring!

Following our dreams, and heck, just living our lives, is a process! Whether the goal is to relax more, work differently, eat healthy, earn more money, learn a new hobby, or love more and fear less, we already have what we need to do this.

We are already linked to our dreams, with our life. We are one with it. There’s no where to go to “get it.” It’s just a shift. One thing necessary to make shifts that feel in alignment with who we are, is to create space to be still and listen, so we can embody our magnificence!

Using my intuition helps me to feel the ‘signs’ that help me align. As humans, I believe we are built with the ability to “just know.” One way to “just know” is to become quiet and still.

One of the main ways I’ve learned to become still is by making time for it in the morning. Not just random mornings, but every morning. And to create a specific time. This simple habit takes commitment, but it works!

Starting with one full hour of reflection and meditation, I go into my little converted office/meditation room, and turn on some very low lighting. With meditation music (or sometimes without) and a glass of warm water, I stretch for a bit and then sit on my yoga mat and do my ‘listening.’

On the days I sleep in or can’t make a full hour, I’ll do what I can, like 15-20 minutes. And the same thing applies. It’s not about how much, but rather the devotion and allowance I give while I’m there. If you’ve been wanting to get in touch even more with your intuition:

10 Steps on How To Create Stillness & Connect More with Your Intuition:

  1. Find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. Preferably with a door that closes! It might mean getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual. Create a place, the same place, you will go to each morning. Repetition is the key with this to establish your stillness sanctuary. (Even if only a corner in a small room.)
  2. Keep the lighting low. Unplug phones and internet.
  3. Sit on the floor if possible. Be close to the ground. Have a cushion or blanket to sit or lay on for comfort. Have a glass of warm drinking water near you.
  4. Stretch your body, lay on your back, sit with your legs crossed, play around with body positioning and movement as you stretch a bit before becoming still.
  5. Breathe. Start by becoming aware of your breath. Feel it move in and out as you start to ‘settle in’ and take note of how your body and mind feels this morning.
  6. Use meditation music if you want.
  7. Continue settling in by breathing naturally, and tuning inside. Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat. Sense how you are feeling but just sense. No judgements:)
  8. Are you tired, restless, achy, or feeling ready to conquer the world? Take note of what your body spirit and mind are saying. But just take note.
  9. And Listen
  10. Sit and listen some more. And after awhile, you won’t have to ‘listen in’, or even follow your breath. You will just be sitting in stillness, and BEING in the magnificence. And if you find you aren’t, then repeat the breathing steps.
  11. This is a time where you can actually do nothing! Your body and mind are being re-set through stillness. So no need to plan your day, or figure out what you will eat, etc., but BE in this quiet place to receive and listen to what is being said.
No agenda to shape! There is literally no agenda here but to absorb and receive the quiet energy, the elemental emptiness. It is the ultimate in consulting with self and source first before chekcing the news, your phone, or hearing the outside worlds’ noise.
In my years of studying, teaching, and practicing self-care, becoming quiet and tuning in is the only way I’ve found to anchor my day. It is also a great way to precursor a morning work-out as it allows you to feel how much or little you might need that day. To listen to the body rather than push it to go, go go.
A simple and powerful practice. And it’s free. If you already do this, you know what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t experienced it, I encourage you to, as I believe you’ll find a big difference in “going inside” with yourself before you go “outside” in your day.
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With Great Love & Spirit!
~ Dena

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