“Life is a flow of love, only your participation is requested.” ~Yogi Bhajan.

A simple and profound quote that has inspired me to share a painting I created three years ago, titled “Love Portal.” I remember painting it with love.

Imagine all you can do, and have done, when you participate in love. Imagine.. creating and pivoting from love.

What WE as humans have to offer.. our value, our gifts, and our hearts is so much more than fear will ever produce. Step away from the illusion and belief of the minds chatter, media news and tornado of political and psychological information, and participate in love.

Dig deep into the worth of your primal self – your body, mind, and spirit. Tap into this trilogy you were born with and hone it, heal it, love it. Find the strength and ability to love, no matter where you are.

With great love & spirit ~ Dena Leigh Carter

A few things that can help assist you even more on your self-care journey: my book, “Loving Who You Are, A Self Care Guide to Nurture Your Body, Spirit, Mind.” In under 54 pages, this self-care essential will give you reminders for nurturing yourself and reducing anxiety. And, ROSEHEART, a very special, hand-compounded rose oil to help open your heart to more self-love.