With so much happening in our lives and in the world, being able to unplug and create quiet time to connect within yourself is key for balance and peace of mind.

My book, Loving Who You Are, was written and designed to help you do this. A small but powerful self-care companion. Check it out here.

Another self-care and nurture goodie to have by your side is called RoseHeart ~ this is a Meditation and Nurturing oil to help open the heart, and uplift the spirits.

If you’ve read “Loving Who You Are, and liked it, then you’ll love RoseHeart. It’s hand-prepared with the intent to inspire you with more self-love. Plus it has pure Bulgarian rose otto oil in it and comes with a rose meditation.

RoseHeart was born several years after I discovered the therapeutic benefits of rose essential oi. Since ancient times, it’s been known to soothe emotions and uplift the spirits. Not to mention it has a wide variety of physical benefits for the skin too.

When I first used rose oil, I found it helped me to “receive” and open to more self-love. This helped me to release my fears.

Now I’d like to share it with you.

I use RoseHeart when I want to take a moment and slow down. To tune-in to my heart. The scent brings a graceful calm, reminding me to relax and receive. Most women know that being about to relax and receive makes life flow better.

Sometimes rose oils can be powdery or strong. This essence is light, beautiful, balanced, and uplifting. If you have any questions, feel free to email me solehealing@denacarter.com or if you’re ready to order RoseHeart, click here.

RoseHeart, a symbol for your self-love.

Step into your beauty and receiving with the rose!

With great love and spirit ~ Dena

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