During trying times and not so trying times, we search for wisdom among our fellow people. We turn to artists, scholars, doctors, and spiritual teachers.

With all of nature’s beauty popping up this spring, I’ve been wondering if I could bump it up a notch inside myself. What could it be that would allow me to really feel and embody the beauty of spring, the beauty of life?

And then I remembered one of my favorite pieces by Prem Rawat. I’d like to share it with you. Keep in mind, this excerpt was originally part of a spoken word/musical collaboration. I did my best to transcribe it from an audio to words on paper. The grammar and style of writing is not ‘correct’ and words are repeated on purpose. Nonetheless, the message is here! The creativity and wisdom of Prem Rawat inspires me ~ may it do the same for you.

“The power that we have is to appreciate. That is an incredible power. It’s amazing. It’s unbelievable. It is somehow what makes the sunset. I mean, the sunset.. it sets, it does its thing. The sun doesn’t care about anybody I’m sure. It doesn’t even know that people exist on this planet earth. But.. to have someone on this earth who can look at it and say, “that’s magnificent.”

The sky is blue, for whatever the reason is. But then.. to have somebody on the face of the earth look at it and say, “that’s beautiful.”

To appreciate.

The power of appreciation. Because without it, what have we got? Without appreciation, we would wake up and we would go to sleep and that’s it. And then one day, we would go to sleep and not wake up and that would be the only difference – just a flip. But we have been given this gift, this incredible gift to be able to admire. To be able to appreciate.

And now in our lives, the ultimate question in our lives becomes: what is worth appreciating? What is it in this world that I can really look at and really appreciate – really appreciate – that works? Not dreams, not fantasy, but really something I can appreciate?

And not just appreciate it one day or two days or three days.. What is it that I can appreciate?

Next time you see a sunset, look at the sunset. Look at the sunset. And then remember, you’re alive. You’re alive. Gratitude. To be thankful. Not for the sunset but the breath that is allowing you to see the sunset.” ¬†~Prem Rawat¬† ~Mini painting ‘Sunset California’ gouache on paper by Dena L Carter

With Great Love & Spirit! ~Dena

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