It is just as valuable to receive as it is to give.
To give generously feels so right.
One of the things I love most about giving, is that I feel more connected with others.
But to receive is a completely different sensation.
We still get to connect when we receive. Just like when we give, but in a different way. Sometimes in a deeper way.
For me, worthiness, reverence, and pleasure are just a few of the powerful feelings I experience when I practice authentic receiving.
A feeling, a compliment, a gift, a gesture, a look in the eye, even a kiss…
To receive and allow, is an act of courage!
The allowance that is required to ‘receive’ takes practice and patience. Even saying the word ‘receive’ makes me pause, breathe, and listen-in deeper.
Pleasure and receiving… relishing in it… are not taught early on. Perhaps on the surface, but I’m talking about embodiment. Breathing ‘receiving’ into your being.
Wow, how beautifully it supports our true nature… to receive!
Take a deep breath and try it.
Even in a simple conversation with someone.. listen and receive it.
Feeling the vulnerability of receiving can bring you strength.
Much of my book, “Loving Who You Are” and my custom made RoseHeart Oil are about receiving. The ‘allowance’ of love for self, and others.
With love & receiving ~Dena