“Fear fogs the natural state.”

A friend of mine once said this years ago and it had an impact on me. It was during a time when I was experiencing a lot of fear in my life and was ready to get to the bottom of it. I wanted to let go of as much ‘conditioning’ as I possibly could and find my natural state.

So what is our natural state? Relaxed. Neutral. In body health, practitioners call it homeostasis. Our natural state is received through living in trust rather than doubt.

Fear is natural too. In fact, it is a much needed and basic instinct. It can serve as an intuitive response for survival and can help strengthen us to grow to another level.
But fear that is habitual, slowly takes us away from experiencing our joy and truth. And we may not recognize that it’s become habitual. Anxiety and worry are actually low grade forms of fear that can keep us from living our lives to the fullest.
Fear can be triggered in a variety of ways, by obsessive thinking, certain foods and drinks, social media and news, and past trauma. But we don’t have to keep playing the same record. We have choices. One way is to turn our attention inward and listen often. To feel our internal landscape no matter how uncomfortable. Acknowledging that we’re pivoting from fear is a good thing! This is when true change can really take root.
It sounds simple but it all comes down to love or fear. On the spectrum of life there are many different degrees, but take a moment. Which way on the spectrum are you headed when it comes to your personal conversations, situations, questions, and choices?
The clearing process of fear is just as important as clearing and maintaining the physical body. As a society we’re constantly “working out” the physical body. Now more than ever, it’s time to start exercising a new kind of muscle – detoxing from fear.
We’ll need to learn how to accept, cultivate and expand love if we are to release fear and work our way towards love.
7 self-care things you can do to minimize fear and expand the capacity for love:
  • Lay on the floor on your belly. Turn your head to one side. Rest your palms near your head, facing down. Feel your stomach expand on the inhale and relax on the exhale. Visualize your breath moving and creating more space in the stomach and down to the core of your spine. Do this for one minute. Repeat!
  • Lay on the floor on your back, bend at the knees. Bring both knees toward your chest and wrap your arms around them. Breathe in for 3 counts and breathe out for 3 counts. Peace breathes and expands. Fear blocks and contracts.
  • Create a mini plan, 2-3 days a week, to cut back (or stop) caffeine, alcohol, soda, sugar, syrups. Pick one and commit. Learn to read labels. Read books about whole, plant based foods (from the earth.) Be aware of what is going inside your body.
  • Create a routine to walk or jog, especially in nature. Dance, do yoga, bike, hike, swim, have a massage or acupuncture. A great way to change ‘fear energy’ is to move your body, daily. In turn, it will change the quality of your breathing.
  • Read uplifting literature. Moniter computer use. Use a timer if you have to and set it for an hour at a time. Listen to music, visualization, and meditation. Turn off the news, internet, and social media. Yogi Bhajan once said that information overload would become a serious problem in the technology age, creating chaos of the mind. Cut back! Reduce and discern your information intake. We were not meant to be human information-compactors.
  • “Run” your energy. Similar to the ancient yoga breathing technique called Mula Bhanda, try this: inhale your breath and hold it. At the same time, pull in and up- the navel, sex organs, and rectum (perineum). Hold your breath for 3 seconds and then release the hold on all organs and breath at the same time. Do this several times as you “run” your energy and activate your primal and vital life flow. Standing or sitting.
  • Trust in the source energy, this life, your existence each day. As meditation expert Roy Masters would say, “calmly resist the tendency to doubt.” Keep life simple by going back to what is most essential to you in your life. Be kind. Give gratitude for the gift of life, the mystery of it all even on a day where it feels impossible.

I’m looking forward to sharing even more with you in the next letter ~ a new self-love creation called RoseHeart is on the horizon ~ Here’s to you, your creativity and your precious life!

With love and spirit, Dena

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