Wha??! Lol, looks like a sword 😂 It’s as big as my arm omg!

My self-care this week will be about cutting into this big piece of aloe that I bought at the store yesterday. I will cut  use it on my skin – my face in particular – to soften and heal it from all the dry weather we’ve had from the NW fires.

Aloe is cooling and hydrating not to mention a super food for internal healing. I’ll probably put some into our cucumber smoothies!! Yum. Talk about hydration.

When you think about it, nature gives us clues everywhere… the aloe vera plant is a succulent and can go for weeks, months, without water. It knows how to hold water. A master at hydration. And most likely inflammation.

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on t.v. 🤓 but I do know that plants, herbs, veggies, fruits, and trees lately have been my strength, faith, and go-to in these challenging times on the planet. I’m grateful to have learned about the power of herbs, plants, and whole foods from herbal practitioners, acupuncturists, and naturopaths on my self-care journey. These practitioners, with their plant knowledge, play a major role in the quest to whole health and healing.

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