With so much information these days, what do we do? Yogi Bhajan, a well known yogi who came from the East to the West in the 1960’s, said that in the Aquarian Age (which is now) there will be so much information streaming in that people won’t know what to do with it all. The mind can only process so much information. And there will be more and more coming in. It will be chaos. People will get confused.


For me it really rings true. We must control our urges and addiction to information technology by becoming mindful and more involved in ‘real time,’ with our bodies and the earth. Diving into information just because it’s there, easy and just one click away, can be like eating a bag of potato chips – before we know it, the bag is gone and we’ve taken in so much that our stomachs can’t digest it without feeling the ill effects.

So what can we do to choose balance and most importantly, to maintain our sanity and peace of mind? Walk away more often from the cell phones, social media, internet, t.v. and whatever else has you hooked. Unplug! Say no to one more video and yes to yourself. Create your own show, vote for yourself, program your own life. Live it now.   

Never before has there been a better time to be getting more into nature. Take walks, listen to the rustle of the grass in the wind, acknowledge the animals, flowers, and foliage around you. Connect with your body, listen to your heart and feel your feet on the ground. Partake in a magnificent sunset without bringing your phone to take a picture of it. Let the earthly vision settle into your mind and the cells of your body and have a good night’s summer sleep.

With great love and gratitude,