Opening The Heart

“When your heart gets broken, you want to contract. But you do the opposite. You must expand your heart and open it more. And your heart may break many times in your life, and you just keep opening it even more.”

Beautiful and heart-felt words of wisdom shared with me many moons ago by a wise woman. And I’ve always remembered them.

Over ten years ago, a close friend of mine died by suicide. I was devastated. I was lost in a sea of thought for many months, trying to “figure it out.” One evening, at my local ladies mineral bath soak, I saw a friend. She noticed my low energy, came over to me and asked me why I was feeling so sad. I told her about the death of my friend. She smiled softly and with an overload of compassion, reached for my hands and shared these heart-felt words to me. I cried deeply that evening and it set me free on some primal, internal level. I was able to understand that I could begin to release these painful feelings and emotions by learning to receive this woman’s generous heart and learning to open mine too. That perhaps, through devastation, there can be an opportunity, a silver lining. For me, the silver lining was the opportunity to transform a grave situation and my emotions to help heal, uplift, and open my heart.

Learning to open the spiritual heart can release grief and disappointment and create room for understanding and happiness. It can also relax the physical heart. Here’s some simple self-awareness techniques to help open the spiritual heart:

~conscious breathing (even count breathing, 3 breaths in, 3 breaths out)
~meditation (stillness sitting quietly, listening, feeling)
~slowing down your pace (while driving, doing errands, cooking)
~listening more than speaking
~smiling from your heart with compassion (while listening to or watching someone)
~setting aside 5 minutes each morning upon awakening for quiet self-reflection
~opening up to talk with a friend or mentor on how you really feel (being vulnerable)

Oh the simple and many things we can do each day to open the doors to love! Being open and mindful about making simple adjustments now, in your day-to-day life, adds up and can bring your precious heart more ease.

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With great love & spirit ~Dena