Opening the Heart

I’ve been hand-compounding and preparing RoseHeart for several weeks now. This is something I have wanted to share for years and it’s finally coming together and getting ready so I can offer it to you! This is a special roll-on rose oil for self-love and opening the heart. I’m preparing them one at a time, with love and intent to help you embody more self-love.

Rose essential oil became a subtle healer in assisting me to open my heart during some of my most challenging and fearful times. How? Plants and flowers carry intelligence and healing properties. Certain essential oils are used therapeutically, in aromatherapy. Rose Otto is unique in it’s vibration and gently, can help ‘lift’ negative emotions. It helped me soften to self-love and open my heart during a time of change, uncertainty, and growth. I want to share this RoseHeart with you.

My yoga teacher, Gurmukh, used to say, “Why would we want to open the (spiritual) heart? Because it cleanses anger, releases sadness, disappointment, and anger. When you open your heart, you open your life.” I never forgot this and now I know it’s true. In fact, it’s become my life’s work. To help inspire others to connect with their heart and soul.

RoseHeart is also a great companion to my book, Loving Who You Are. Each oil is hand-compounded and prepared, one at a time and comes with a small booklet of information and includes a rose meditation:) This is listed on my website now for anyone wanting to pre-order. Click and read on the ‘offerings’ page for more details. Click here to order RoseHeart and/or the book Loving Who You Are.

Here’s to love and an open heart! ~Dena

Click here to order RoseHeart and/or Loving Who You Are.


“Anything that can help open our hearts is beneficial and will eventually lead us to more happiness, joy.”