What if self care was simple?

Not an overwhelming concept. And that all it meant was to do one or two things for yourself today that felt healthy, grounded, or gave you peace of mind?

Small treasures gathered from the garden today- mini artichokes, lavender, and yellow flower reminded me that it’s the simple things we can choose to plant, appreciate, and harvest when learning to care for ourselves.

Like inhaling and exhaling with awareness 3-4 times during the day.

Or gently replacing doubt and negative thoughts with kind and loving ones.

Even just adding a few more greens onto your plate each day.

Practiced over and over with love and patience, simple yet powerful choices like these can take you further than you can imagine when it comes to self-care.

If you liked these, check out my book, “Loving Who You Are” under 50 pages of self-care and nurture to help you connect within. Designed to be of support to you ~ not to overwhelm you!

With love & spirit,