Subtle Self-Care

Our little protector and watch animal. Part gargoyle, part angel, part Buddha and so magical! I just love our little beast, he’s a home and hearth helper who sits in the window, blessing and guarding it all. Allowing for love and peace to reign over everything else.💘🐲.

Talismans, rocks, sculptures, crystals, feathers, photos – things that feel special, protective, uplifting, and peaceful are actually a powerful form of self-care.

Why? Because the intent and connection with these ‘things’ can stir the mind and transmute negative energy.

How? They hold a meaning and energy (and sometimes a memory) that you give them. And when you pass by them, it’s like a prayer, a whisper of gratitude and trust. A remembrance of how you want to feel, be, even live. It’s connecting with that which you wish to connect with.

Your pieces, whether alone or in a shrine, can help you realign quickly. And bring beauty to your heart. I find that having pieces and arranging new ones in the house from season to season, works in a similar way that affirmations do. When you say it or see it, you open to the feeling of it – the energy of the intent that you created around it.

So yeehaw to our sacred things! Make some time to find, or rearrange what you already have and dust it off. Invoke a little love and magic into it and reunite with your intent. Give thanks to the little helpers and protectors that beautify and sanctify your life, allowing you to enjoy a subtle and powerful kind of self-care.

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With love,


Self-Care & Self-Love Coach, Author of Loving Who You Are, A Self-Care Guide to Nurture Your Body Spirit, Mind.